Building Material Testing
Our construction material engineering and testing credentials speak for themselves. Our professional engineers having vast experience and understanding of material testing.
• Concrete Testing
• Cement Testing
• Aggregate Testing
• Brick Testing
• Refractory Material Testing
• Marble / Granite Testing
• Steel Testing
• Wood Testing
• Paint & Coating Testing
• Chemical Testing
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Coal Testing
Coal Testing solutions offered assists in offering quality testing of coal on different parameters. Among the many tests performed, one includes Proximate analysis - Moisture, Volatile matter, Ash and Fixed Carbon test that indicates percentage by weight of Volatiles, Fixed Carbon, Ash as well as Moisture Content in coal.
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Chemical Testing
Consumer goods are meant to be tested for perfection on various standards, regulations and certifications. These goods can also be tested on various parameters devised by NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation).
• Reach Testing

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Environmental Testing
For leading a healthy and safe life we require a clean environment. Considering this requirement of mankind, we are involved in offering Environmental testing and analytical services.
• Ambient Air Monitoring & Testing
• Indoor Air Monitoring & Testing
• Stack Emission Monitoring & Testing
• Soil Testing
• Water Testing
• Solid waste Testing
• Noise Pollution Survey

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Food / Agro Testing
Food / Agro Testing solutions offered comprise a wide range of tests that are done for checking the quality standards of food as well as agro products.

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Oil & Petroleum Testing
Oil & Petroleum Testing solutions offered comprise a wide range of tests for checking quality standards of oil as well as petroleum products.

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Paper & Packaging Testing
Paper & Packaging Testing solutions offered find application in testing of quality of paper and packaging. Among many tests performed, one of them is Burst Strength test that is used for testing of paper and packaging.

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Pesticides Testing
Pesticides Testing solutions offered comprises tests conducted for presence of pesticides which are substances/mixture of substances that intend repelling, mitigating, preventing, destroying any pest.
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Processed Food Nutrition Value Testing
Processed Food Nutrition Value Testing solutions offered comprise a wide range of tests that are performed for judging Nutritional Labeling of the food products.

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Soil Testing
Soil Testing solutions offered help in testing overall health of the soil. Among many tests, one that is done includes testing of Chloride content.
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Water Testing
This test helps in determining the contamination by potentially harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms.
• Swimming Pool Water Testing
• Drinking Water Testing
• Waste/Processed Water
• Dialysis Water Testing Lab
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Textile Testing
In the present competitive scenario consumer paid more attention on the quality of fiber, irrespective of the cost. Hence, there is need of not only stylish but also well made fibers that are free from hazardous substances.Owing to advanced analytical instruments and experienced technicians, our facility is supposed to execute various tests related to textile industry .
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RoHS Compliance Testing
RoHS Compliance Testing has become standard procedure for most manufacturers, sellers, distributors and recyclers of electrical and electronic components or equipment sold or used in the European Union.
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Diesel Testing Lab
Fuel analysis is done to examine the state of the product in terms of certain problems which may have occurred since the fuel left the refinery gate. A proportion of diesel engine failures can be directly traced back to the quality of the fuel.
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NDT Testing
Conducting rebound hammer test as per IS 13311(Part-2), ASTM C 805. The rebound hammer test shall be conducted at all those points were UPV test has been performed.
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Residue Analysis
Pesticides are chemicals used to control pests. The term "Pesticide" includes insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and it is well known that over-use of pesticide can lead to dangerous levels of hazardous chemicals entering the food chain.
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Toy Testing
The safety of a child is an emotive subject, which is particularly close to the heart of every parent. When purchasing products for a child, product safety is an essential issue. Loose components, sharp edges, finger traps.
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