Emissions testing, analysis, detection and measurement.

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Emission testing, measurement, analysis and detection services are provided to industry and manufacturing. Test capabilities include materials Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) analysis, on-line emission measurements, engine-exhaust emission testing, stack emissions, greenhouse emissions, and vent emissions monitoring and analysis, evaporative emission testing and more.

Emission sampling and analysis procedures are tailored to meet specific plant, product and site conditions. Intertek helps customers establish whether emissions are within compliance, product specs, permit requirements and more.

Emissions testing and measurement services:

  • Stationary Source Emission Measurement
    1. Stack Emission Measurements
    2. Vent Emissions
    3. CO2 Emission Calculation
    4. Distillation Column Feed Analysis and New Emissions Testing
  • Particulate Matter Emission Measurement
  • Bioscrubbing
  • Engine Emission Research and Testing:
  • EPA 1065 Compliant CVS Emissions Tunnel Testing Services
  • Evaporative Emission (SHED) Permeation Testing
  • Intertek Carnot Emission Services (small engine emissions testing)
  • Volatile Organic Compounds Testing
    1. Volatile Organic Compounds Testing (polymers)
    2. Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Testing Services (automotive)

Emission testing:

  1. Engine Research, Development, and Emissions Testing
  2. Polymer and Plastics Analysis
  3. Carbon Footprint Services