Anything which is unwanted, used, overused or useless is categorized as “waste”. It may include Hazardous Substances, Sewage Wastes, Radioactive Compounds, etc. Keeping in mind the importance of Sustainable Development, these wastes can not be disposed in their prevailing condition. They need to be converted into less harmful form and also require proper dumping method and before that they must be stored safely. In this globalized world, techniques for waste management vary with location. Spectro is playing a vital role in taking good care of our environment by providing services related to Waste Management. Our cost efficient services can help you in Recycling, Treating and Disposing your waste so as to meet you to the compliance as well as the requirements of the specified Standards. By making use of our world class services, you can let yourself on a safer side regarding the Waste Management of your products.

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Some of Our Services Include:

  • Finding out the sources which are generating waste
  • Identifying the cause of waste generated
  • Developing appropriate methods for their treatment.
  • Identifying the potential of reusing the treated resource.
  • Providing technical advice for the Management of Hazardous Waste.
  • Carrying out Audits for the existing Environment Management Infrastructure.
  • To find out the methods that can reduce the amount of waste to be generated
  • Selecting the areas, suitable for recycling and reusing the waste.

After the whole process is complete, we issue a Certificate which is a proof that your waste is checked and is safe to be stored in the environment.